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Find bellow the link of the results of the 2012 edition of the semi-marathon de Boulogne-Billancourt :

2012 General ranking



You can analyse your results down to the smallest details (route simulator "Relive your race") and compare your performance with others runners.


To Know

On this ranking, you will find 2 different times :

  • Official time
  • Real time

The Official Time corresponds to the "gun shot". In fact, the time-keeping begins at the gun shot start and ends when we cross the arrival line. This time is approved by the Athletic French Federation and allowing you to be qualified for a possible French Championship.

The Real Time corresponds to the calculation between the moment that you cross the start line (on carpets) and the moment that you cross the arrival line. It is the most accurate time for the the performance bacause it is your real race time. However it is not used offially by the Athletic French Federation, the best runners are always at the start peloton. They do not have therefore a delay between the gun shot and when they cross the start line. The runners who are at the end of the peloton (amateurs) have a more significative waiting time.