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Beat your record !

Last occasion of the year to realise your performance, all will be made to help you to beat your record and reach your objectives.

Elite and Preferential Areas 

Do not lose time by getting directly to your Starting Area !

With the intention of increasing Starting Area control, we make a new arrangement more appropriate with your objectives. 8 Starting Areas to satisfy all level. Starting Areas will be made up according to target time you indicate in your entry form.

< 1h15 - AREA Elite
< 1h25 - AREA Préférentiel

The access to an Elite or Preferential Area will be allowed by presenting a proof performance and attach it while registrering, or upload it on your member account (on a Half Marathon distance and within the last 2 years after November, 22th, 2020).

1h25 et 1h30 - AREA 1h30

1h30 et 1h35 - AREA 1h35

1h35 et 1h40 - AREA 1h40

1h40 et 1h45 - AREA 1h45

1h45 et 1h55 - AREA 1h50

More than 2h - AREA 2h