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No bib will be given if your medical certificate was not validated by the organizers.

Bibs must be collected on presentation of an identity card: Friday November 20th, from 1pm to 8pm; Saturday November 21th, from 10am to 6pm. Location: Biodiversity Gymnasium (44, rue Marcel Bontemps) in Boulogne-Billancourt.

The runners who have opted to a mail addressing of their bib (paying option available until the 1st of October 2020*) will receive it before the race at the address mentioned on his entry form.

*It's possible the deadline will be soon if the number of registered is complete.

If you registration is not complete (invalid medical certificate), you race bib will not be sent.

No bib will be delivered on Sunday 22th, November.

It will be possible to withdraw the race bib of someone by presenting its  identity card

The Elite and Preferential bibs will be validated on presentation of a preformance proof* (Must be attached while registrering online or uploaded on your member account).

* Only on half-marathon and dated under 2 years from the 22/11/20

Bibs must be totally visible during the race. The bib has to fixed on the chest. Any runner without bib will be excluded. No bib can be given or exchanged.