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BEFORE THE RACE - Registration

  • How to check that i am well registrered and/or my case is complete? 

At any time you can consult your registration case by clicking here

To complete its registration, each participant MUST join online (While registrering) or upload on its member account (possible until October 31st)

  • Its medical certificate dated within one year on the day of the race with obligatory the mention of no contraindication to "competing in running races"
  • A copy of an eligible licence's attestation (FFA) 2019-2020

You will receive a confirmation and validation of your definitive registration. Your case will be therefore complete.

No send by e-mail and mail will be accepted

  • Can i give or sell my race bib?

In accordance to our regulations, it is forbidden to give or sell your race bib at any moment. Numbers are personal and not transferable. In the event of failure, the race jury can pronounce the runner disqualification or the expulsion for life from next half marathon of Boulogne-Billancourt editions.

  • Can i registrer while picking-up my number or on the start area?

NO, registrations on site are not possible.

  • Is there a waiting list following the close of registration in case of withdrawals?

When enrolments are closed, it is no longer possible to obtain race numbers. The maximum number has been reached. There is no waiting list, even in case of withdrawal.

  • How can i get a preferential bib?

The organization let the runners with performance goals under 1h25 to access to elite and preferential bibs.

The access to an Elite or Preferential Area will be allowed by presenting a proof performance* and attach it while registrering, or upload it on your member account (on a half marathon distance and within the last 2 years after November, 17th, 2019).

*On a half marathon distance only and within the 2 last years after November, 17th, 2019


BEFORE THE RACE - Cancellation

  • I have to cancel my participation in the half marathon of Boulogne Billancourt . Can I be refunded ?

NO, in case of cancellation, you can not be refunded. In fact, it is stipulated in regulations that all commitments are firm and irrevocable.


BEFORE THE RACE - Training sessions

  • How to registrer to training sessions ?

Enrollment for reconnaissance sessions is independent of enrolment for your race. To apply, you must ckeck the training page and follow the registration procedure.

Can one enroll for trainig sessions without being enrolled for the race?

NO, only half marathon of Boulogne-Billancourt participants can enroll.


DURING THE RACE - Race bib withdrawal

  • Can a third party obtain my race bib?

YES, it will we possible to obtain the race bib by presenting your official proof of identity.


  • Where can i park my vehicle ?

The town hall parking is free for you thank to our partner Qpark on Sunday (depending on available places).

  • How to get to the Start of the race?

Access to the start and the picking-up area

By car

The town hall parking is free on the Sunday thank to our partner Qpark ( Le parking Hôtel de ville vous est offert le dimanche par notre partenaire Qpark (Depending on the availability of space)

By metro

Metro : line 9

Stations : Billancourt or Marcel-Sembat.

By bus

Lines : 123, 126 and 175.

Stop : Marcel Sembat



  • How to check my results?

Thank to our partner WebPhotoLive, you can analyse your results down to the smallest details (route simulator "Relive your race") and compare your performance with others runners.


AFTER THE RACE -Finisher's Diploma

  • I would like to have a Finisher’s Diploma. How can I obtain this ?

Thank to our partner WebPhotoLive, your finisher's diploma of the half marathon of Boulogne-Billancourt will be downloadable here few days after the race.